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Community Groups

As a community of grace, we live in authentic relationships with other Christ-followers so others may hear and be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

There are two things at play for most people who want to be involved in a church:

  • Our culture makes being a Christian challenging, but the busy pace of life makes it hard to have relationships that matter.
  • We all know that meaningful relationships take time and effort, especially the kind that encourages you in your faith.

While none of this is simple, we've learned that when people have the opportunity, they begin to develop rhythms in these relationships that help them thrive as part of a true gospel-centered community. And that strengthens their faith. Click here to discover our vision for community groups here at Fellowship Greenville.

Community Group Foundation
Community groups are more than a point of connection—they are the Church of Scripture played out in our daily lives. Community Group Foundation is for those looking to join a community group, those already in a group, those who want to understand what it means, or those looking to continue in community by aligning with Fellowship Greenville's DNA. We have designated times for you to discover more. See the list of upcoming events on this page.
Community Group Leader Training

Join us as we unpack what community groups look like here at Fellowship Greenville. We'll discuss resources for your groups and dive deeper into the DNA of community groups. Are you interested in taking your next step in becoming a leader? Reach out to our Community Groups Pastor for more information.


Need a little help sparking conversations in your group? Check out the resources below!

Right Now Media

Community Group Leader Resources

Community Group Leader Application

Upcoming Events